wpf movie jun24003Our English film project, which took a couple of months, was inspired by short stories: After reading several of them, we started brainstorming in small groups and writing our own storyline. Then we picked the best parts from our ideas and put them into one final document. As a whole class, we came up with all characters and their attributes. We formed small groups, which each had different tasks to do, as for example looking for equipment or deciding on costumes.

wpf movie jun24002 In order to become more familiar with the subject film making, we watched videos with tips on how to make a good film and sketched the different scenes. Every student was assigned a role and the main characters had to learn their texts by heart. As a next step we started filming our own movie at places in and outside of the school building: Some scenes take place in the headmaster’s office, some in the attic. We used different items like a ladder or a roller board to get scenes from the perfect angle. For improvement and to pay better attention to mistakes, we watched our already shot scenes each week. Shooting our own movie was a great experience for all of us and we had a lot of fun, especially when outtakes happened.

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